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Following are the resources that I’ve found most helpful to my creative pursuits. I’ve tried many writing and art resources over the years, and I give these all a solid grade ‘A’. You can’t go wrong with any of these.


  • After trying several, I think the best multi-day retreats for thriller writers are the

High Level Manuscript Editing

  • William Bernhardt

Book Cover Design

Writing Related Software

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness helps creativity. It settles you so that you live in a less fear based life where you can transform

Writing Process Coaching

  • Jen Anderson on If you suffer from writer’s block, procrastination, or the generic writing ‘blahs’, she’s the solution and it’s very cost effective. I worked with Jen for more than a year and her gentle and wise support got me over several hurdles. If she’s not available, there are a plethora of other coaches. Try out a few until you find the right fit. Should you get a writing process coach? My answer would be an unambiguous ‘yes’.

Digital Art Hardware:

  • For cost effectiveness, you can’t beat the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch model combined with the Apple Pencil.

Digital Art Software

  • Procreate Digital Art App for iPad on Apple App store. Use it with an Apple Pencil and an iPad Pro 12.9 inch model for the best results. I’ve tried a number of excellent painting software packages (I think Corel’s Painter is the best Windows based solution) using a Wacom tablet, but nothing compares to the Procreate/iPad/Apple Pencil combination for ease of use. But get the largest iPad you can get. I have the smaller iPad Pro as well, and it simply isn’t as good for original art.

Index Card App:

  • Index Card app: iPad. Used on iPad Professional 13 inch screen.

  • Scrivener: many people are dedicated to the full functionality of Scrivener for creating manuscripts. It has an excellent cork board feature, but I prefer the simplicity of the iPad app.


  • Procreate Digital Art App for iPad on Apple App store. It’s not a dedicated mind map app for presentations, but using the Apple Pencil you can easily generate legible mind maps in your own handwriting and your own drawn symbols. This is best for quickie off the top of your head creative mind maps.

  • If you need a text based mind map app where you type entries into formats that can be used for presentations or web pages, I recommend