Designing Your Own Logo Online

For fun, I decided to design a logo for my business cards and other potential branding applications.

I used an inexpensive ‘do it yourself’ online design service called Logojoy. There are many alternative options, and I picked this one since it looked fun to use and fit my price point.

Is Logojoy the best company in this particular design niche? Does it provide the best value? Does it generate the best designs? Are its live designers (should you decide to use one as an optional service) as good or better than others?

Honestly I have no idea. My logo needs were simple, and this one worked perfectly for me in terms of simplicity. So I can’t recommend or not recommend this company. It satisfied my limited needs on a small budget and that worked out for me.

If you have really important branding requirements, I’d recommend you do significant due diligence and use a well regarded professional logo designer as part of your process. A purely automated service doesn’t bring human level creativity into play.


Once I settled on Logojoy, it only took a few minutes for me to use their automated logo generator which runs you through a number of steps (your basic data, favorite colors, preferred symbols and the like) so that the generator has something to work with.

Since you make several choices in each category, the automatic generator has plenty of design elements to work with.

After completing each data field to your satisfaction, it goes to work and generates logo ideas. It plays with the colors, symbols, and other info you provided and combines them in interesting ways using various fonts.

If you don’t like the initial suggestions, you simply click for more choices. And you can always go back a step or two and select new symbols or preferred colors and it creates more designs until you are happy.

I eventually picked a logo that evoked writing, my genre, plus a design with blue curves that reminded me of the sea and islands around Hawaii where I live.

There are several pricing options which provide different services including a live designer. I didn’t need a designer for this particular purpose, so I went a purely automated logo. (I must emphasize, this is not what you want to do with a book cover design. If you are serious about marketing your book, you want to find an experienced and well regarded cover designer. Unless you are a graphic artist yourself, this is one area where the ‘do it yourself’ model won’t optimize results. Another post will cover my experience in finding and using a cover designer. The mock-up designs on this site as of October 2018 are not final covers - just teasers.)

When I was finally happy with the logo design I selected, I went ahead and purchased a basic package with various image formats and colors, including transparent backgrounds so that you can overlay on other images. The final product consists of downloadable image files in different formats.

I’ve ordered some new business cards from MOO, which is my favorite online business card vendor, so we’ll see how the logo turns out on a physical product.

Logo Monitors v2.jpg

In the meantime, I get to enjoy my new logo as a motivational tool as my current background on my twin monitors. Every time I look at the logo, it makes me want to open up my various work in progress manuscripts and see what I can create with my thriller writer persona energized and ready to go. That is worth the price of the design even if I do nothing more with it beyond business cards.