Mid-Month Nanowrimo Update

"Life happens when you're making other plans."

Life happens.jpg

Not sure who actually first said that (it wasn't John Lennon) but it's certainly true.


I managed to get sick a week in and still haven't recovered enough to do meaningful creative writing.

Discouraging, but Nanowrimo is a philosophy more than a strict set of unbreakable rules. Since I've completed the official challenge successfully a couple of times, this doesn't bum me out because I was working in the spirit of Nanowrimo - the notion that relentlessly pursuing a meaningful goal can ultimately prove you can accomplish more than you think you can if you apply sufficient 'grit'. I still embrace the concept.

So I'm going to restart my own mini-Nano when I get over the current malaise.

The point is to never give up in the face of setbacks. They happen.