I am an author, digital art enthusiast,creativity explorer and life hacker living in Hawaii.

My main interest is the daily application of creativity which includes writing, digital art, life design, experiencing nature mindfully and the supportive mind skills which can activate it.


I’m currently writing the Morningstar and McBride thriller series. I'm also a part time digital artist/enthusiast. I spend most of the rest of my time researching, thinking and writing about creativity which is the most human of our traits. Other animals have learning capability, but not human level creativity. For better or worse, only man has the ability to imagine new mental constructs and then manipulate ideas and materials into physical reality. I've studied creativity for almost 30 years.

Contributing to my creative journey, I’ve had many yin and yang experiences which have influenced my writing and thinking about creative possibilities.

I've worked on sugar plantations where most people still spoke Hawaiian pidgin English.

I was was an executive for an international high-tech company.

I was a Regional Vice President for a well known executive coaching and career development firm.

I’ve been a juried glass artist.

I’ve co-owned a bead store and worked in the insurance industry.

I’ve been a volunteer mediator and served as an independent meeting facilitator.

I’ve worked as a dump truck driver and in a railroad car repair shop.

I've worked in a copper smelter.

I've negotiated labor contracts with the Longshoreman's Union, the Teamsters and many others...and found the people across the table weren't all that different from me.

I’ve been an avid fly fisherman, sail boarder, snowboarder and sea kayaker.

I love to travel internationally.

I've gone on unguided rafting trips in remote Alaska and awakened to grizzly tracks around the camp.

I've scuba dived in the blackest night when the dense fog came and I didn't know where I was as my diver's light died.

I've unintentionally windsurfed over and snorkeled with huge tiger sharks.

I've been rushed by a lunging moray eel while lobster diving at night.

I've hit a huge sea turtle which unexpectedly surfaced just in front of me while I was blasting at full speed while windsurfing across Kailua Bay. He seemed unphased...I wasn't so lucky.

I accidentally stepped off the cliff on the famous path along the Cinque Terre and lived to talk about it. Had it happened a few feet in either direction, I wouldn't be here today.

I've used up several of my nine lives but I have a few left.

But the positives in all the experiences always outweighed the negatives and they fill my mind with creative patterns. To live fully requires risk and grit and finding creativity, fun and challenge wherever you can.

I'm fascinated by the opportunity to live fearlessly no matter your age, your health, or the other challenges that we humans face everyday.

I believe it's more important to be a maker (in my case writing and digital art) rather than simply a consumer of art. Being an amateur (or professional) creator has the potential of enhancing your brain and your experience of the sensory world.

I am a lifelong learner and believe it's never too late to cultivate creativity and art in all aspects of your personal journey.

My website is dedicated to the proposition that every day, in every way, we can push our creative boundaries. If only 1% at a time. That's enough. It adds up over time.

Life is an adventure powered by creative experiences and endeavors.  My life has not been boring. And I expect more adventures to come.