The single best life hack I've tried in the last five years: online accountability coaching on the platform.

I'm a writer. I need a daily routine where I meet my daily production goals, number of words or number of hours.

The lizard that lives in my limbic brain tells me to run away from the work. "It's too scary," it says.

The demon posing as my inner critic whispers sweet horrors in my ear. "Your writing will never be good enough," it says.

The procrastination gremlin sits on my other shoulder. "It's too hard. You can do it tomorrow," it says.

All too often I've listened to the evil threesome. I've run away. I've given up too easily. I've procrastinated.

I knew I needed to find a solution to keep them at bay. A solution where an unbiased third party would help me create and keep an accountability plan so that I'd meet my goals no matter what.

I formed a writing group, but it didn't meet often enough.

I found an accountability partner, but that didn't seem to work either. She didn't have a coaching background.

I talked to a very well respected writing coach, but she was well out of my affordability level.

So I thought I'd try an inexpensive online service, For just a few dollars a week, you pick a personal coach in the area of expertise you're interested in. You interact with that coach usually five days a week in a check-in email.

The coach works with you to develop a specific habit formation plan that works for you.

I found a terrific writing accountability coach. We connect every morning. And then I report my progress on my goals at the end of the day.

So how has it worked for me? I haven't missed a Writer's Journal entry in months, and I've only taken a handful of days off from working on my novels or other writing projects.

The cost: about $15 a week.

It's worked so well for me that I've recently started working with a diet and exercise habit coach and I'm already seeing results there as well.

If you can find a coach who resonates with you, this is an incredibly powerful tool.