Using iPad Pro For Mindmapping

I’m a huge proponent of mindmapping for brainstorming almost anything. I particularly like it for writing fiction.

I use the technique for:

  • ·Plot ideas
  • ·Character development
  • ·Setting
  • ·Structure
  • ·Scene Development

There isn’t a day when I don’t mindmap.

The problem: I end up with huge numbers of mind maps on printer paper. I have binders full of them, and it’s hard to keep up with and organize them meaningfully.

I tried scanning them to Evernote and they aren’t readable.

I tried online mindmapping software solutions (like Mindmeister), but they are too cumbersome to use for quick brainstorming. Mindmapping is best done on the fly. Creativity needs to have the fewest barriers possible. A commercial app like Mindmeister is best used when you need to have a clean and easy to read text product. Otherwise, mindmapping is meant to be messy.

The solution for me: the Procreate drawing and painting app on an iPad Pro that’s integrated with the Apple Pencil.

File Sep 30, 10 25 35 AM.jpeg

I love to draw using Procreate as a break from writing. It immediately shifts my brain into another mode. One day it struck me that it would make a good mindmapping tool.

I simply open up a new canvas on Procreate. I like a black background with neon colors for the mindmap nodes. Then I pick a brush/pen/pencil I like. Set the brush size appropriate to how much info I need to get on the canvas and then mindmap like I would normally.

When I’m done, I simply save in Evernote.

No more wasted paper.

And it’s fun too!