postive and supportive creative AND LIFE coaching

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creative coaching…Coming Winter 2018

Writer's block? Fear of the blank page?

You have an idea for a journal or blog but can't execute it?

Want to become a digital artist but don't know where to start?

You have a killer idea for a novel, but are intimidated by the sheer size of the project.

These are typical challenges for the creative person. Particularly when integrated with other life goals and pursuits.

But there's good news - there are proven methods to successfully move through these challenges.

I know because I've worked with the techniques myself to the point that best practices are now habituated. I consistently write and digitally draw and paint every day.

Creative Coaching is one-on-one coaching to help you unlock your full creative potential, break down barriers, overcome fears, and guide you in achieving the creative life you deserve.

My focus is how to move from fear and resistance to finding flow and achieving your dreams and goals - one micro-step at a time until you've stacked your new habits and attitudes into a consistent daily practice. It worked for me and it can work for you.

As your creativity coach, I will work with you to develop a plan consistent with your personality, purpose and lifetime goals and give you feedback and gentle support to make your goals a reality.

As for the coaching process itself, I've been a senior executive in the high tech industry, a senior HR executive in several industries, an executive coach and professional executive outplacement professional as a regional Vice President of a well known West Coast career consulting firm. And I've worked with state-of the art creative tools since 1995. I've studied the work of Steven Pressfield, Michael Michalko, Edward de Bono, Steven Pinker, Michael Gelb and a host of writing coaches too numerous to list.

As a creative myself - working through the challenges of developing a consistent writing practice, becoming a digital artist, and now a thriller writer working with one of the best writing coaches in the business, I'll apply the coaching skills I've learned to help you succeed in your creative endeavors. 

I've worked in depth with various professional coaches myself and I know how valuable the coaching process can be. And I'm pursuing several creativity coaching certifications to add to my skill set. I have the tools to help you with your creative journey.

I can offer you cost effective and proven methods to move you confidently toward your goals. I also offer life and career coaching.

Coaching will initially be offered on the platform but I'm happy to work with you in a different format if you prefer. Intensive individual coaching will cost somewhat more ($200 for 60-minute Skype or Zoom calls four times a month). I'll tailor fees to your needs and ability to pay. My ultimate objective is to provide you the best creative practices at a cost you can afford. Payments through PayPal.

If you're interested, contact me at